Chile Crate

Chile Crate
UX, research, visual design

Tools Used: Illustrator, Sketch

Project Brief:

Develop a subscription box idea and take it through the UX process, from brainstorming to mockups.


Chile Crate is a unique monthly subscription service with a target audience of people who formerly lived in New Mexico or simply miss the food in New Mexico. The design of this website is centered around the bold colors and patterns that characterize New Mexico. It is simple, minimal, and fun.

As a part of the research process, I conducted interviews with Chile Crate’s target audience and created personas based on them. I used the personas to help determine the visual tone of the website, as well as the ideal user path.

Through interviews, I found that people wanted to hear an approachable, familiar voice alongside imagery that reminded them of home. New Mexico’s bold colors were the ideal visual choice for users.

The final design persona was one that was accessible to Chile Crate’s target audience. Jennifer Lawrence became the inspiration for Chile Crate’s personality: fun, laid back, and bold.

The next step in the process was creating a sitemap and wireframes. These laid out what pages were necessary, where, and why. After re-designs and more research, I created final mockups of the design.


Though Chile Crate was designed as a spec project, I found the design process and approach to be very applicable in future web and print projects. Overall, this project greatly influenced my design philosophy thereafter.