Tour Poster & Merch


Project Brief:

Design merch and posters for Harmless’ 2020 summer tour.


Harmless is a Los Angeles based musician. Before COVID-19 shut down concerts, he had a California tour scheduled for 2020 and asked me to design the tour poster and merch. This was a very fun project because I got complete creative freedom. I sat down and listened to his newest albums, and started sketching out ideas based on how the music made me feel. The music was light, magical, and dreamy, and I eventually started drawing a fairy tale style magic rose. I tweaked the illustration and used a light, 1920s style font to emulate how the music felt.

Once the posters were done, I designed a version that print artist Claudia Cano screen printed onto t-shirts for merch. Though the tour was canceled, the merch is selling online and the illustration will hopefully be repurposed once the tour is rescheduled.