LA Derby Dolls

LA Derby Dolls

Tools Used: Illustrator, Sketch

Project Brief:

The LA Derby Dolls website needed modernization, but not just in features - in personality. Since the original website was built, the organization had moved from an ownership to a co-op nonprofit, and they wanted the website to convey both the DIY spirit and a strong sense of athleticism. Our assignment was to redesign the website reflecting these changes.


As part of the website redesign team, I met with the creative directors and used research from the UX designer to figure out the UI (what goes where and why). After a few redesigns and re-interviews, we came up with a friendly, modern user flow. I wireframed the website, and assisted with the implementation.


Though my assignment was only to do wireframing, it was incredibly helpful to work with the art department and UX designer. Our collaboration allowed me to design and re-design with constant feedback.